Dr. Narinder Singh Parhar helps people with his multiple Voluntary Works

Dr. Narinder Singh Parhar, MD, is an Internal Medicine physician practicing in Roseville in California for 20 plus years.

He has served as the President of Sacrament Sikh Society for many years. Apart from this, he has also served as the Zonal convener of greater Sacramento area for Hemkunt speech competition for multiple years. He has done great social service through his voluntary works. He has educated many students by working as a voluntary teacher at Gurmat schools at multiple Gurdwaras. He has also started free sessions on health and stress management at Gurdwara Jackson road 10731 Jackson road, in Sacramento that are held every Sunday after 12 noon.

In addition to this, the doctor is also known to do many charities for social and religious causes. He has donated funds to Global Health Foundation, Guru Nanak Foundation, local Sikh Gurdwaras and the Kalgidhar Trust (Baru Sahib Akal academy) in order to help the people in need. Also, during the great recession at the beginning of the century, he has helped many people who had lost their jobs and health insurance by operating a free clinic.

Dr. Narinder Singh Parhar MD 1

Dr. Narinder Singh Parhar, MD, is board certified by American Board of Physicians and Surgeons and American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine. He is a well-known physician who has done original research in areas of respiratory diseases including asthma utilizing the strengths of Integrative Medicine. The superiority of this approach has been published in peer reviewed medical journals.

Dr. Narinder Singh Parhar is looking forward to helping many more people with their health problems.